Elsie has bought a wok

Elsie is looking for bamboo shoots and Rice Wine in Kwik Save. She bought a wok and all the tools from Dodgy John on the market yesterday. Last night she found a recipe on Ceefax but the ingredients are a bit exotic.  She’s asked Lillian in the booth  (which is more like a high security check point in Derry than a customer service desk) and Lilian said they did have them in 1983 when Ken Hom was on tele so they might still be there, near food colouring and golden syrup. Elsie has already looked there. Brian and Margaret are coming round later to sample her first attempts at international cuisine and the pressure is on. When they went round there last Margaret cooked lasagne. Elsie is beginning to think she might have to go to Hereford or Shrewsbury for bamboo shoots (or maybe just go to the Happy Dragon and pretend)


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